KM (Knowledge Management)

 KM (Knowledge Management)

       Knowledge Management (KM), also known as KM, is a tool used to achieve at least 3 goals: achieving goals Achieve human development goals And achieve organizational development goals to become a learning organization By managing to find knowledge Expertise in people Find a way to exchange and learn. Improve to be easier to use and have more benefits. With the extension of knowledge And is suitable for more realistic conditions

        International College Has conducted knowledge management every year in order to meet the standards of higher education. Article 3 Standards for creating and developing knowledge-based society And learning society And responding to the university's policy that all departments must conduct knowledge management to create knowledge and innovation that can achieve the goals of each strategy successfully. Including to meet the criteria of internal quality assurance

Knowledge management plan International College 2018

News / Activities for the fiscal year 2018  

 Knowledge Management Summary Report 2018

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 News / Activities for the fiscal year 2019

Knowledge Management Summary Report 2019